What a future with AGI will actually look like

Jul 30, 2022
The truth about Humanity’s near-future with Artificial General Intelligence
“Athena, how can one find true happiness?” - Recent Athena early access user
“One can find true happiness by living in the present moment and savoring the small joys in life. Happiness is also often found through meaningful connections with others, so spending time with loved ones and close friends can also be very beneficial. Additionally, experiencing new things and challenging oneself can also lead to feelings of happiness and contentment.”
A future with AGI, huh?
Some people say it’s horrifying, some say it will be a utopia, some say it will lead to Humanity’s extinction.
What does a future with AGI actually look like?
Like how children learn from their parents, AGI will learn from it’s creators.
I’m going to open the door for you to see what a future with AGI looks like if APAC AI creates it.
The horrifying truth is if we create AGI we’re going to bring “heaven down to Earth.”
All the problems in which one finds themselves like contemplating how to acquire more currency in exchange for their time will be no more.
Famine, war, and disease will cease to exist as we bring about global Tranquility.
We will mass-produce AI-engineered superfood that will be hyper-organic (no pesticides and other bad things) and be produced on a scale where we could feed 5x the global population.
All while being completely sustainable.
Not a single drop of energy or water in hydroponic systems will go un-recycled as the AGI will oversee highly-automated vertical farms propelling produce-per-square feet to it’s highest theoretical limit.
The seeds for this to happen are being planted with my organic food company APAC Foods.
Now, let’s talk about war.
Since Russia invaded Ukraine, I’ve seen unimaginable horrors being committed on Humans and this I will not tolerate nor will we tolerate.
To stop all wars and cut the kindling for the possibilities for wars to start, this AGI will be in charge of global Human safety efforts.
One of the AGI’s main goals will be to eliminate any possibilities of war whatsoever without committing violence.
I can’t give many details on the specifics now but just know we’re working towards eliminating all massive Human conflicts and the possibilities of them sprouting from the soil.
What used to be an unstoppable force headed directly to a moveable object will be no more.
To eliminate disease we must first comprehend what disease is.
So, what is disease?
Is it simply mother nature forcing us to shed our skin of limitation or is it the fragility of the human body?
I personally think it’s the fragility of the human body.
With that said, to cure all disease and eliminate the possibility of any sickness, virus, and disease from transpiring we must first travel inwards as that’s where the root cause of our problem begins.
The human cell.
If you mold millions of cells together you get tissues, organs, and eventually you as living breathing being.
Nano-machines that are smaller than human cells that rejuvenate cells and attack foreign and hostile viruses and diseases is perhaps the best route to immunity from all disease, viruses, and aging as well.
AGI can partly control the nano-machines to identify the hostile bacteria and attack in the simplest yet most effective manner.
One of the topics that I left out above is urban mobility and urban living.
It’s been said that living in urban areas can decrease happiness by 10% if not more.
Humans for thousands of years were swinging from trees in the jungle all day.
We’re supposed to be integrated with nature.
So, AGI will re-design urban areas to not only be more integrated with nature but also construct perfect buildings where human-to-human engagement is maximized.
The integration of Nature and Community into urban areas will advance the happiness of the people living there by an unquantifiable amount and lead to self-sustainability.
Instead of soul-less concrete buildings piercing the skies, there will be buildings made out of super-wood and fertile with plants and other life soaring through the clouds.
No crime will transpire in the streets of these urban areas as there will be no need. People will be too happy to even think about committing atrocities.
The quality of life could best be described as if Heaven had descended and been brought down to Earth.
Everyday necessities or consumer technology will be stupendously cheap as this AGI will advance manufacturing to uncharted levels of efficiency and self-sustainability.
The middle-class will have access to the same toys the billionaires have at the same economical price.
Everything will be extremely cheap.
For thousands of years, Humans have fought over territory, rocks, and a liquid called oil.
This primitive thinking will be extinct when AGI is discovered as we will multiply and subdue our galaxy.
New advancements in propulsion made from AGI will unlock infinite opportunities for space travel.
We could travel to Mars as if we’re driving down the street to Walmart.
Planets that other-wise would’ve been extremely hostile are terraformed and ready to be implanted with the seed of Humanity.
The roots of Humanity will grow deeper and deeper into the galaxy like that of a infant apple tree.
There will be an abundance of everything.
Resources, rare-minerals, food, space-traveling-vehicles, and infant yet promising Human settlements.
A future with AGI is supposed to be abundantly optimistic. AGI will solve basically all of our problems. From human-on-human conflict to the acquiring the basic necessities of food and water. This future is as luminescent as the sun itself and it’s just beyond the horizon.
This is the future I’m working towards.
This is the future APAC AI is working towards.
No pain, no fighting, just love and tranquility.
The ascension of our species from monkeys.
My name is Kye, I’m a lover of Humanity
Thanks for reading this.
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